How to win a girl back after she lost interest

A woman that either used to like you or was your girlfriend and has suddenly lost interest in you can leave you asking yourself so many questions. She might stop talking to you and even suggests that you two become friends, or block you. As a guy, you may start overthinking and wondering when to call or text her, and even what to say so as not to offend her. And in the long run, this might affect your confidence and make you think you aren’t good enough.

If you really love this chic and want her to rediscover the interest she had for you that made the relationship blossom, then you have come to the right place. The reason she has lost interest in you is that she sees you differently. According to her, she doesn’t see you as the guy she wanted to get into a relationship with anymore. This is due to how you carry yourself and your attitude. The good news is that you can change this perspective and attract her back.

Identify what’s missing

The first step is to identify the missing link in the attraction experience that made lose interest in you. The attraction experience is what makes her either feel more or less attracted to you. For example, you now sound needy and clingy, you are constantly texting her and don’t like other guys talking to her. This shows that you have a weak body language, are desperate, and feminine. If you were already in a relationship, then you know what made her feel attracted to you. It could be your looks or how you generally treated her. If you stopped doing what you were doing when she was attracted to you, then focus on working on that. For example, if you used to give her attention and stopped, now you spend most of your time in front of the TV. Worse is if you now find it difficult to make independent decisions and have to constantly seek her opinion and input even in things that don’t concern her.

Understand yourself

Knowing yourself and how you think and perceive yourself is very important. If you believe in yourself, then you will naturally have that confidence to draw not only that girl that is no longer interested in you, but also, other girls. However, if you are in doubt then you will produce insecurity and fear putting any girl. Quickly gain control of your thoughts and increase the chances of winning her back. Never doubt yourself for a second that you aren’t good enough, or else you will be stuck in the friendzone when you had the upper hand.

Be social

When a girl sees you with other girls who seem cool around you, she thinks that you must be cool and attractive. She believes the other girls have already figured this out and that’s why they are with you. This will make them assume that you are a cool guy to be around when in social situations without looking awkward or weird. So if a girl shows interest in you and suddenly stops when she gets to know you better, then avoid being a loner. Social with more people, organize parties and attend fun events with other hot girls and cool guys. Most girls and to some extend guys will feel embarrassed to hang out with you if you are a loner. Go out and even make friends with hot girls.

Don’t push her to commit right away

I personally know a lot of people that ended up losing their girlfriends when they tried getting the, to right away agree to a relationship instead of allowing the relationship to take its natural course. When a girl walks away and as a man, you immediately push for you two to get back together in a relationship, most of the time she will say no and ask for more time to think about it. This is because she is still not sure and not fully attracted to you again. Afterward, if she still isn’t attracted or doesn’t miss the man, she will call it quits. Instead of pushing her back into the relationship, focus on rebuilding the attraction, respect, and love. When she interacts with you, make her smile and laugh leaving her feeling good.

Avoid trying too hard to impress

Sometimes, we men go to the extent of doing much to impress a girl that has lost interest in us without paying attention to the real cause. Some men will put up with bad treatment from the girl and even assist financially with the hope that she will be impressed and give them a second chance. However, too often, the lady will take advantage of this and then eventually cut him off.

Alternatively, the guy will try to impress the girl by showing off that he has a lot of options in other women which isn’t the solution. She will then tell you that if you have so many options, why not date one of them instead. Let her know that you love and want to get back but in a confident manner. Also, show her that you are happy and able to make progress in life with/without her. This will leave her wondering if things really have to end between you two.

Give her great sex

Sex is very important in a relationship as it’s the bond that holds the two of you together. It’s the closest way that you can use to get to her. One of the leading causes of losing interest in a relationship is sex life. If your sex life is bad especially for the girl, it can make your relationship boring very fast. If you are giving her bad sex, then she will not only lose interest in the sex but also in you.

Firstly, be confident in the bedroom and push the boundaries. Don’t rush, give her great foreplay and make her want you even more. Focus on those sensitive parts first like kissing and caressing her ears, neck, and thighs. This will increase her sexual desire and make her want you even more.

Relationships are complex according to James M. Reid, but there is always a way to make things work. The only problem is that people don’t want to make sacrifices for the greater good. Getting into a romantic relationship is one thing but to sustain the relationship is difficult and draining. For couples that are determined to make things work, James insists on them working on their relationship right from the very beginning. His mission is to build relationships from infancy and not when things start going south. James offers advice to teens. He advises them on how to treat a girl or a boy and even how to approach either gender for a blissful relationship going forward.