How to turn a girl on verbally

Girls are different and get turned on by different things. Depending on the girl that you are hitting on, you need to personalize the things you say to her. However, there are things that when said to a girl can turn almost any of them on verbally without physical contact. This mostly works when the two of you are dating and you have a good amount of time to express your words slowly. The following are some of the best tips that you can use to turn your girl on verbally.

Use a deep voice

Nothing is as good as expressing those sweet words with your voice and in person. The girl needs to hear your voice and at times even see you. This works better if she can hear that sexy tone in your voice while you tell her nice things. Women love a deep voice and it doesn’t have to be a bass. Use your deepest-sounding voice when you speak to her whether it’s over the phone or in person. Don’t try to fake it as you will end up turning her off instead. If you usually speak in a highly pitched voice, then try lowering the level when talking to her.

Ask questions and pay attention

Girls don’t like a guy that talks too much and doesn’t pay attention to them, it makes them feel like you’re self-centered and they get turned off easily. Instead of talking about your day, ask her questions about her day. Ask the good questions that require her to expound more on them instead of just responding with a yes or no.

Ask her questions like ‘Tell me about what you did today,’ which will get her talking because she feels you are interested in what she has to say and that you really care. If she gives you short answers, keep asking questions but the ones that are relevant. All this while, be a keen listener and show her that you are really paying attention. If you guys are physically together, then show through actions like nodding and the occasional ‘uh, Ok…”.

Use humor

Humor is always a remedy when with girls as they love a guy with a sense of humor and full of life. It becomes easier to turn her on when you are making her laugh and paying attention to what she has to say. You can practice some jokes when on your own and them on her, or use your creativity when with her. Be careful not to say a sensitive joke or what might turn her off. You can even make a little fun out of what she says, but you need to be careful not to cross the line and say something insensitive.

Compliment her

Girls love a complement more so from a guy they are into. So, when appropriate keep complimenting her. For example, if she asks you how your day was, instead of focusing the day on you, tell her that you have been thinking about her. Please, don’t overdo it as it will end up coming out as fake. Keep the conversation going by asking questions about her and pay attention to her answers. Show her that you are interested in her answers.

With these answers, you get to start turning her on by dropping subtle compliments more and more making her feel special. If you are in person, pay attention to her looks and pick up small that has changed. From the interaction, you will also find out a lot about what she likes about herself, compliment her on it.

For example, if she loves her hair, compliment it so she feels special and that everyone loves the hair too. Now, keep making these compliments sexier and get her in the mood. If you hear her say things like ‘you don’t mean that’ or ‘stop’ while blushing or giggling, then know that it’s working.

Compliment her body

Go ahead and say something nice about her body but in a subtle way. This is after reading that she is playing along and that she is open to compliments. Now, take it a step further and compliment parts of her body that turn you on while making sure that you don’t offend her. For example, you can compliment her by saying ‘you have nice legs.’

Get a bit naughty

Tell her sexy and romantic things that you would do with her but avoid being dirty and gross to first build the anticipation. Tell her that you want her and if together, look her in the eyes and show her that you really mean and are willing to risk it all. Be creative and use a lot of imaginative words to paint the picture. For example, you can tell her in a sexy voice ‘If we were just the two of us, I would be lying next to you and running my fingers slowly through your hair as we kiss. I would then kiss your neck as I massage your back. After that, I would trace my fingers over your beautiful curves.’

Say what you want to do to her and what you want her to do to you

You can now take it a notch higher and tell her what you would like to do to her in a good way. If you want, be a bit graphic and say those imaginative words. For example, ‘I want to run my hands down your curves and thighs’. Then continue turning her on by telling her what you wish she could do to you. By now, chances are that she has joined the party and is saying what she wants to do to you. For example, you can say ‘I want you to get on top of me and take my shirt off.’ However, before saying all these, ensure that she has done most of these things and understands what you are saying.

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