How to turn a girl on over the phone

There are times when you are away from a girl and want to make love to her but you can’t in person. To ensure that things remain the same, you opt to turn her on over the phone and even make ‘love’ to her. This girl could be your girlfriend, a girl that you haven’t met or slept with yet, or one that you once hooked up with. This gives both of you better satisfaction than masturbation until you get to meet each other.

Phone sex can create that special bond with a girl you are yet to get intimate with and minimize the chances of her running into another guy’s arms. It also helps cool things off when she’s too horny and you aren’t around. It helps her resist the urge to cheat. But how do you turn on a girl over the phone? Well, here’s how.

Get your act together

Just because you have hooked with girls before doesn’t mean that you can just turn any girl on over the phone. If the girl is your girlfriend or you have had sex before, then you already know what turns her on. However, if it’s a new girl, then it’s good to learn a little about the girl’s lovemaking language before calling her. Get your word rights and if possible, even find out from her what turns her on.

Call her at night

There’s some magic about the night that sets that proper mood for such a call. This is the most conducive environment for a romantic call when she has come back home from work or school and is winding off. Wait until later in the night when she is in her pajamas, maybe sipping some wine in her private space or getting ready for bed. Find the right time depending on her schedule and give her the call.

Use a seductive voice

Your voice can determine when she will get turned on or not. It has some magic that makes her get in the mood. You can be using the same tone as the one would use when speaking to your boss. You need to lower your voice and activate that slow-paced tone to help her relax and get in the mood. Remember, women love what they hear, not what they see. So, deliver your words in a good tone. Make it soft and soothing while maintaining audibility.

Take your time

When making such calls and want to turn your girl on, don’t rush. If it’s a girl you haven’t met yet, then you want to take your time, listen to her and get to know her better. Show her that you are interested in her life and care for her. Remember, turning a girl on is an intimacy that needs trust and you have to make her feel secure. This helps in creating a stronger bond and deepening the connection before turning her on. It makes her feel secure and trusts you even when you talk dirty to her.

Remind her of the good times

If you have made out with the girl before or she is your girlfriend, then you can remind them of the good times you two shared. Recall that special pleasurable moment when you made love to her and she enjoyed it. Describe it slowly and in a sexy tone without leaving out any single detail. Tell her you would like to do them again and at a certain place.

Take things a notch higher

Gauge her reaction so far to know how deep her interest runs. By now, she should be responding well and yearning for more. If she is still engaged in the conversation, teasing and flirting back, or laughing sheepishly, then she is interested. Now that you have her attention, flirt with her while throwing in compliments and teases. Ask her questions like ‘Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?’ then follow it with a comment on where you will take her and make love to her.

Have phone sex

Take charge and order her. Firstly, order her to go to bed and then lower or turn off the lights. Let her lie on her back and make sure she only has panties on at most. You can lay down some ground rules like she has to do exactly as you tell her. You can instruct her on how to use her hands.

For example, you can tell her ‘take your fingertips and gently run then run them down your thighs.’ Whenever she follows your instructions, continue taking it a level up. Listen to her breathing to gauge how high in love she is. She will be breathing deep and moaning hard. Now, get her to admit her deepest desires. Let her admit that she wants you and wants to have sex with you. This sets the mood the next time you guys meet in person. Depending on how well you know each other or how comfortable the two of you are, you can send her a photo of yourself whether clothed or nude. This helps a lot if you guys haven’t made love to each other yet.

End on a high note

Now that she is having phone sex, it’s only a matter of time before she climaxes and cools down. It’s good to pace yourself to match her intensity and climax with her over the phone as though you physically were. Tell her things like ‘I want to cum with you.’ The next day, text her and even invite her over if possible. With such trust and connection, it is easier to see her without feeling awkward and carrying on with your relationship.

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