How to text a girl you don’t know

Texting a girl that you don’t know can be a nerve-cracking experience. You’ve just got her number from her friend but don’t know where to take it from there. Since you don’t know who exactly she is, what she likes, or how she likes her communication, it can leave you doubting yourself. We will show you how you can overcome these challenges and your fear to text that girl that you have a thing for but don’t know how to start.

Getting a girl’s phone number isn’t the end of it. How do you know if she is for real or someone is pranking you? It’s important to find answers to these questions before you go ahead and start texting the girl. This will save you time, effort, and face. One thing you should take note of is that all conversations are unique. The best thing you should put in mind is that texting is like having a conversation; the only difference is that the other person is not with you physically and can’t see you.

The texting should be casual and friendly allowing a back and forth give and take. Try to keep it light and then later on you can get into deeper conversations depending on how it goes. When trying to win over a certain girl, I was having a rough time but with deep research, I gained confidence and gave it a shot.


Firstly, you need to start the conversation by saying hi and introducing yourself. Go ahead and say a little about yourself then explain why you are texting her. For example, you can say your name and which city or state you live in, what you do, and then say why you are texting her. Have you seen her before? Did you like her photo? Be honest as lying will sound fake and stop the conversation from going anywhere. If for example, you fell in love because of her beautiful smile or long hair, then go ahead and tell her that.

For example, if you write ‘I saw your picture on social media and loved your beautiful long blonde hair, and I just want to get to know you more,’ and she responds, ‘Oh, Ok. I cut it short and dyed it red.’ Read her response and pick out the tone to know what to say.

Don’t be too pushy

Texting a girl randomly yet she doesn’t know you, is forbidden but what can you do, when all your efforts to get her have proved futile. As you get into this bandwagon, don’t be too pushy because no matter how nice you begin the conversation, you could get blocked for just saying hi with a strange number. But if you manage to get through to her, tread cautiously because if she picks anything unusual in the conversation you will be in the cold sooner than you expected.

Listen more and let her do more of the talking

Let her do most of the talking while you listen and keep asking questions that can’t be answered using yes or no. You can respond back with ‘It was so beautiful, why did you do that?’ and then wait for her response. If she texts back, ‘I had grown it that long for locks of love’, then you already have a conversation going and you can read her mood.

Keep following her lead by reading her responses carefully and using questions. If you ask a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no, then the conversation will go nowhere as you will be the one doing most of the talking. For example, you can ask her what she means by locks of love. This will leave her to explain which will keep the conversation going.

When you keep texting, listening, and asking leading questions, you get to learn more about her and even pick up some of her interests. Once you establish some of her interests, talk to her and find out further what her interests are.

Use humor

Humor is one of the oldest ways to a woman’s heart. If you have the chance, interject with some humor. Don’t be rude or crude and avoid making sensitive jokes or where you don’t need to. Your jokes should flow with the conversation and shouldn’t be dry.

Don’t make any sensitive jokes. To avoid this, read her mood and tone, if there is an appropriate place to insert the joke, throw it in there and be precise. Don’t let the joke pass her since it was put somewhere serious and sensitive, which leaves you wondering if you got it. Look for something that she can relate to.

Try keeping the conversation going on for the first 30 minutes, and if all goes well, then the conversation can go for up to more than 2 hours. The longer you chat with her via text, the more you get to know her, and then the more the girl will want to keep chatting with you.

At the end

When you are done with the conversation, tell her you enjoyed the conversation, got to know her better, thank her for her time, and tell her that you would love to do this again. Depending on how it went, you can even set up a date and meet in person if both of you are comfortable with it.


Texting is a good form of communication; it not only gives you the courage but also allows you to express yourself in the best way possible. Chat with her until she tells you things like ‘I feel like I’ve known you all my life.’ Remember to be lighthearted, ask more leading questions, use humor and stay interested throughout the conversation.

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