How to tell your girlfriend you miss her

It’s cute to have a girlfriend and spend some quality time with her. However, you might not be with her always maybe it’s due to work or school. You guys might also be in a long-distance relationship that makes it hard to spend most of your time together. This can take a toll on you while you are unable to tell her that you miss her. It’s important during these times to let her know that you miss her and to what extent.

We are wired differently, and as a guy, you may find it a bit hard to express yourself and tell her that you miss her. But if you really miss her, she will be very happy if you told her that. If you are finding it hard to tell her how much you miss her, then check out these tips.

Tell her you wish she was there

After a long day at work, you miss not only going home, but to your girlfriend. Let her know how long and tough your day has been and that you miss her so much and can’t wait to see her when you get home. You can choose to text her or call depending on your mood and time. Tell her what happened and that you wish she was there with you to help you through it. This will make her feel so special that she can have a huge impact on your life.

Let her know that something reminded you of her

Tell her how something cute that you came across reminded you of her. In your daily life, you probably come across a lot that reminds you of her. It could be her sense of humor that you’ve seen on social media, her beautiful dress, someone you bumped into that resembles her, etc.

Tell her that it reminds you of her making you miss her. You can explain to her and why it reminds you of her. To put a smile on her face, send a photo of it. This will make her feel loved given the thought of thinking about her at work or school.

Tell her something that you miss about her

Your girlfriend will love it and know that you miss her if you tell her about a certain feature of hers that you miss. Regardless of how small it is, she will appreciate it. For example, you can text her and tell her how much you miss her dimples and how they form when she smiles. You even wish to see her face right now and touch those dimples.

Tell her that her photo makes you miss her more

You guys have probably taken photos and selfies together at some point. Make a reference to one of them with memorable moments to show how much you miss her. You can elaborate on it via text to paint a picture or send the photo to her. Remind her of the moment that you guys shared at that point. This shows her that you value the times you get to spend with her and that you miss her. If it were possible, you guys would recreate it. The only problem is that she is far away.

Tell her what makes you miss her so much

There is something that makes you feel you miss her so much. It could be her smile, company, laughter, stubbornness, among others. Sometimes, you could just be missing her for no reason and just want to see her. Be honest and text her that. You don’t need to properly explain yourself, just get the point across.

Use emojis

You could text her good morning or goodnight and add a suggestive emoji like a kiss or hug for no reason. If she asks, just tell her that you thought of her and wanted her to know.

Send her a romantic text

A text speaks volumes if packaged right. Surprise her with a romantic text message suggesting that you want to make love, she will get it. Text her those nice things that you often tell her in person and let your words speak for you.

Remind her of a particular moment you shared together

There are various moments that you got to share together when you were physically together. To show her that you really miss her, speak your heart out and vividly recall those moments. It could be a walk in the park, a trip to Hawaii, your graduation, etc. Ask her if you guys can do it again when she is around.

Video call her

Body language is important. It helps bring the best out of your message and shows her that you mean what you are saying. Schedule a video call and express yourself. This mostly works if you are in a long-distance relationship. It shows her that you miss her so much that you can’t wait to see her. Show her places around your house that hold the dearest of memories. You can also go outside and show her your favorite spot in your favorite restaurant.

Go straight to the point

Another way to tell your girlfriend that you miss her is by directly telling her that you miss her. She is your girlfriend, so she gets it. You can just call her and tell her that you miss her. This won’t make you look weak or anything. It even makes you look straightforward and someone that knows what he wants.

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