How to tell if a girl is not into you

As a guy, there’s no better feeling than the thrill of the chase and in the end, winning the girl. However, not all girl chases end well, some end up being a wild goose chase. Most guys will waste their time and energy chasing a girl who doesn’t have any interest in them even though it’s obvious. In their defense, they say that the girl has dropped some subtle hints. Before wasting so much time chasing after a girl, it’s good to know when to stop the pursuit as it’s going nowhere.

Is very easy to see the signs before you go further and spend a lot of resources chasing after her when clearly, she isn’t into you. Check out the signs below to avoid being that guy.

Watch her communication

When chasing after a girl that you like, you have to be in communication, for the two of you to vibe and even get to know each other better. If it’s the first time you are chatting with her and she is responding with those one-letter words, then stop. For example when you ask her ‘how was your day,’ and she responds with ‘Good’.

This tells you that she is clearly not interested. An interested girl would ensure that the conversation keeps flowing. She will say something like ‘Good, and you..?’ or ‘Good, I went to the zoo and saw monkeys.’ If you have been chatting for a while, the best way to find out if she isn’t interested in you is if she is falling out of the normal communication pattern. Also, a girl replying with a quick and bare-minimum response is not good.

She avoids you

If communication between you and her is irregular and always kept to the bare minimum, then she could be trying to put you off and fade you away. This is to avoid making it look like she is ghosting you completely. A girl that is not into you will keep giving you lukewarm responses without completely cutting you off.

If you guys go out on a date and afterward, you ask her when you will see her again, she will tell you soon and that you guys will see or talk later about it. If she was into you, she would have given you a definite answer. Afterward, when you contact her, keeps avoiding your conversations by cutting them short. Use your instincts and trust your guts to stop pursuing her.

She hasn’t introduced you to anyone

Introducing a partner to your family or friends shows how much you are serious about someone and to some extent commitment. This is a common occurrence when in a dating phase with your so-called crush. You go out on dates but she is very elusive in letting you meet anyone from her world. If she doesn’t let you meet anyone from her side, then it means that she doesn’t want to have a future with you. Also, if she doesn’t want to meet any of your family or friends, then stop wasting your time.

She’s flaky

Now let’s assume that she has agreed to go out with you. But, when the time comes, she doesn’t show up and tells you something came up. This happening once is fine, but if it becomes a habit, then that is a red flag. Also, if she stands you up and doesn’t communicate to say so and why, then she isn’t into you. Have you ever set up a dinner with a girl and you are sitting down in the restaurant waiting for her to show up, then 30 minutes later she hasn’t and there’s no communication? You call her and it goes to voicemail.

You’re always making the initiative

Sometimes, when pursuing a girl, you put in a lot of effort in texting, calling, and taking her out for dates to try and impress her. In your mind, you are convinced that she is just playing hard to get and wants you to play for it. If both of you have a mutual interest, then you will have a mutual effort. If you notice that you are the one always initiating a conversation, sending that first text, or making the call, then you need to open your eyes to reality.

She insists that you are just friends

Another way to tell that a girl is not into you is how she expresses your relationship to other people. Whenever people see you two together and then afterward comment on how you two look cute together, she will keep insisting that you guys are just friends. If she introduces you to her family and friends as a friend, then she is not into you despite all your efforts. She will even for further and tell you that it’s good to have you as a friend whenever you do anything for her. This mostly happens when you guys are friends and then after a while, you want to take things to the next level. If you see such signs, accept the friendship and move on, or just move on.

She keeps avoiding physical contact

When romantically involved, the two people will constantly be touching. She might be shy and nervous about making physical contact with you if you guys have been seeing each other for a while. But if you notice her body language is stiff, stop pursuing her. If anytime you want to be physically close and in contact with her, and, she keeps pulling away, then chances are that she isn’t into you.

There’s no better feeling than finding someone that you have a mutual connection with. When you pick these signs, save yourself heartbreak at the end and move on to someone that likes you.

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