How to talk to a girl through text

Texting is a common means of communication among teens today. It’s easier to express yourself via text when chatting with a girl and you do it at your pace. If you have seen a girl that you like and want her to like you back, then texting can do the magic as compared to making a phone call. So pick your phone and start texting her today.

At some point in my life, I met this beautiful girl and asked for her phone number. We texted and set up a date. And in the end, she became my wife. I will share with you the tips I have used over the years and the advice I have given to guys that have come to me.

Starting out

The first thing you need for texting to work is her phone number. If you already have her number, it makes things easier. But if you don’t, it might be hard to ask for it. Go ask for her number by being casual about it. However hard it is, don’t ask for her number from a mutual friend or over the internet. This could make her feel creepy or not give you her number. Also, don’t make her giving you her number a big deal.

Once you get her number, introduce yourself through the first text. This is if she doesn’t have your number. If a girl gives you her phone number, then she is waiting for you to text her. When she responds, you can then start to send her texts from time to time. However, don’t overwhelm her by sending too many texts in the beginning. Send her a few texts a day and then give it a break of 1-2 days. Some girls get turned off when you show her that you are absolutely crazy about her.

Use proper grammar

When you write her well-written text messages, it makes you look intelligent and mature. There are some shortened words that you can use while others are just too much. Before sending that text, double-check your grammar, spelling, and any auto-corrections. Also, use emojis wisely. Use an emoji like a smile or wink where appropriate and don’t overuse them.

Find the right time

Don’t randomly text her at any time. Learn her schedule or the most appropriate time to text her considering her occupation. If you text her and she doesn’t respond, don’t flood her inbox with texts. She might be busy or has already seen it and is waiting for the right time to text back. Also, it’s not healthy to reply to every one of her texts with like 3 texts.

Pay attention to her texts

Whenever she texts you back, pay attention to her words and understand what her texts say. When responding, show that you have actually read her text and understood what she means. Don’t be quick to text her back. Wait for a little bit before hitting that send button.

Monitor her response

A girl’s body language can be expressed through text messages. Look out for some signs that show that you are doing it right or wrong. If she is responding quickly, using emojis, and laughing at your jokes, then that is a good sign. If you flirt with her and she flirts back, then you are good. If she texts you things like ‘anytime I talk to you, I have a good day’, then keep it up. However, if she is not quick to reply to your texts, responds with one-word responses, or you are the one always texting first, then she isn’t interested in your conversations.

Use humor

Humor has always been one of the best ways to keep a conversation going via text. Texting her funny things helps make the conversation flow much easier. Try to make it come naturally, don’t force it as it might end up coming out wrongly. Try to develop inside jokes and even tease her.

Avoid flirting always

It’s not bad to flirt, but don’t always do it. If you want to, do it sparingly. Think and plan ahead what to text her. Get your thoughts right and text her if you are unable to naturally text her. For example, you can text her about an upcoming party. You can later on text her about what you are thinking and what you love about her. I once subtly flirted with a girl that I liked, I was very cautious of the words that I used, so I roped her in slowly, and with time we took things to another level. And by the way, it never felt awkward when we met in person.

Don’t stop there

You’ve gotten this far, why not take it beyond texting? If you have already built a bond with her, don’t let it get stuck in texts. The girl will be expecting you to take things to the next level. You can set up a date by suggesting that you do something together.


Talking to a girl through text can be tricky because you never really know how her mood is and whether she will take what you are telling her positively. However, it doesn’t hurt to try, tread lightly with the first texts talking about general things, until you are sure she enjoys your company. Her replies will tell a lot, if they are brief then best you stop, if she takes long to reply, you might as well end the conversation. Girls don’t like to be bothered during the day, unless you are sure she is free, therefore, the best time to text her is in the evening, during the lunch hours, or at night.

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