How to know if a girl wants you to make a move

You’ve found the girl of your dreams but you don’t know if she wants to spend her life with you. Girls can be difficult to read and will leave you wondering if she is into you too. When you correctly interpret a girl’s warm and open signs, it becomes much easier to win her. You have to pick the hints no matter how subtle, for you to make a move and win her. You need to know when she wants you to make a move to avoid going in too soon and feeling rejected.

Why do girls give hints?

Most girls will drop hints from time to time if they’re into you. Most girls won’t make the first move and it’s not out of being difficult. It’s mostly because they are shy and anxious, they fear facing rejection, and don’t want to be seen as easy or loose. Most guys don’t like to be hit on. They would probably be turned off, take it as a prank or label the girl as being loose if she began flirting with them or moved towards intimacy. When a girl shows interest in you and doesn’t get anything in return, not even an acknowledgment, she often feels frustrated, rejected, and stupid.

She speaks through her body language

When a girl likes you and wants you to make a move, she will mostly use her body language. She is warm and open to you, allowing you to get closer to her. How she breathes can tell you that she enjoys your company. If her breathing is slower and deeper when around you, then she feels comfortable around you. If a girl gives you the longing look and locks eyes with you, then she is longing for you to make that move. This means that she is interested in you and is beginning to trust you. Try holding eye contact with her for a few seconds and see. If she continues to maintain it, then it’s time.

Study her friends

Friends have always been a gateway to the girl’s heart. When a girl likes you and can’t approach you, she will tell her friends how much she is into you and wishes that you could see it and make a move. Most of the time, mutual friends will approach you and probably tease you about her. For example, they may use the classic line ‘do you like Brenda?’ Sometimes, it will be a mutual friend who is a fellow guy that will come and tell you how good the girl is and that you will make a good couple.

You may deny it and he will counter it with his observations. For example, he will say ‘I see how she looks at you. Dude, I’m telling you she’s completely into you.’ If interested, you don’t have to answer her friends right away. You can take your time.

She enjoys your company

If a girl breaks away from groups to be with you alone, then it’s a sign that it’s time to make a move. A girl spending time alone with you is a clear indication that she is interested in spending quality time with just you. Whether she asks you to get some air with her or get the next round of drinks, take it as a cue. Use this opportunity to make your move. For example, if you notice a ring on her finger, ask her to see it up close and hold her hand. If she breaks you away from your friends, take it as a compliment. She simply wants to see how you are without a group, can you express yourself?

She invites you

Most of the time, it’s very hard for girls to ask a guy out directly. So to achieve this, she will invite you to her environment indirectly. For example, she might invite you to her apartment for a glass of wine or for a group hangout at her favorite bar. Whenever she invites you, it might be her subconscious way of asking you on a date. This means that she is into you but doesn’t know how to tell you and hopes you can pick up the cue and make a move.

She wants to know more about you

When a girl starts asking you personal questions not related to school or work, then it’s time to make a move. A girl will want to know more about you by asking you about things like your hobbies, family, pets, etc. She is basically expressing her interest in your life and hopes that you can see this and make it mutual. You can also ask her questions about her personal life.

She is responsive when you touch her

A girl that is interested in you when touched will respond positively and even moves closer to you. Moving closer to you is a great body language to watch out in reaction to touch. It also means that she is inviting you into her personal space and has waited for a long time for you to make a move, so hurry up. If she touches your arm when talking to her, or she gets closer to your face and even touches it, then you are on the right path. She will even allow you to touch her in intimate places like her hair, legs, waist, etc. without pulling away. Respond by keeping your hands on hand and consistently touching her.

Reading the signs that a girl is interested in you and making a move is great. However, ensure that your feelings are mutual to avoid getting trapped by someone you don’t want.


Yes, can be unpredictable some will throw all the tell-tell signs only to find out later that she had a fight with her boyfriend and they are now okay. A girl who is interested in you will show signs every day, she will try to make herself noticeable and always be on your good books. So if she is consistently making appearances on your personal pace you know she is into you but if your crush all of a sudden starts looking for you and spends a lot of time with you, check her background she could just be looking for a rebound.

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