How to keep a conversation going with a girl texting

You may be a talkative person but run out of words to say when it comes to texting. It’s even worse when it’s a girl that you’ve just started vibing with and don’t want to look bad. As a guy texting with a girl, the last thing you want is the conversation to dry up before it even started.

When texting with a girl, you can sometimes run out of words to say and just end up saying gibberish stuff. This will make you look silly and even lower your self-esteem. Well, here are some ways you can use to improve and keep a conversation going.

Be yourself

When texting, avoid being someone you are not just because you are hiding behind a text message. Since you can get her to talk to you through texting, be original and she will get used to your style. However, keep improving as time goes by to avoid falling out of favor.

Ask questions

Asking a girl questions is one of the best ways to keep a conversation going without appearing blank. Ask her open-ended questions to avoid her giving you one-word answers like Ok, yes, no, maybe, etc. Open-ended questions will make the girl go into details that you can then use to build on a conversation. If she is interested in you, she will be open to tell you more about it. For example, instead of asking her ‘How are you today?’ you can text her ‘what did you today?’ From her reply, you can then build off a conversation.

You can ask her about what she loves most like her favorite movie. Once she replies, then ask her about a scene from the movie. When she gets to share anything about herself, ask her to explain it further or how she feels about it. This then shows her that you are keen and able to read what she is saying. You are also making an effort to engage with her concerning her personal life.

Improve your communication

Don’t always be the one talking all the time, learn to be a good listener too. When you listen more than talk, you allow her to open up and share. You also get to preserve your topics which you can unleash when out of words. If you end up only talking, you make the girl lose interest in the conversation and it won’t keep going. Don’t make everything about you, for example, if she texts you that she had a bad day, instead of talking about your day, let her know that you had one too and encourage her to share about hers.

Respond in due time

Nothing kills a text conversation like someone taking forever to respond. When the two of you start texting and you fail to respond in a reasonable amount of time, then this will cause the conversation to die. However, this doesn’t mean that you respond immediately. Depending on where your relationship is at and what you are doing at that moment, don’t take more than 15 minutes to respond.

If it’s not a good time for you, then be honest with her and tell her you guys can catch up later when you are free. This will save her any disappointment. If you happen to be texting and get caught up, apologize and let her know that you aren’t ignoring her.

Bring up past conversation details

Sometimes, when you feel like the conversation is dying, bring up detail from your past conversations that you both loved. You can recall that slight detail about her and remind her. This shows her that you are keen and pay attention to detail which then keeps her interested.

Don’t push her into texting with you

If a girl isn’t interested in texting at that time or you have brought up a topic that she isn’t comfortable with, move on to something else. One of the leading causes of a communication breakdown while texting is insisting on a topic that the girl isn’t interested in.

Avoid very long texts

You don’t need to put everything in a text, if it’s too long, then just give her a call and then resume texting. A long and wordy text can be difficult to decipher and by the time she responds, she may have already lost interest in the conversation.

Don’t multi-text

It’s not good to send a girl numerous texts at once. She won’t be able to respond to all of them and might feel overwhelmed. It also makes you look desperate, needy and lacking a life outside her. Send her a text message, wait for the response and then text her back. Be patient and wait for her to respond. If you text her and she fails to reply, what makes you think that she will respond to the next one.

Up your game

Don’t text her the same old way and the same topics that you text. Try to be unpredictable with your texting and text her favorite topics to give you more to talk about her. You can also use jokes to pass the message across. Add something extra with memes, emojis, and GIFs while keeping your jokes fun and light. If you follow each other on social media, you can mention that finny post they made.

Know when to end the conversation

If you read signs that the conversation is fizzling out, pull out to avoid sounding boring. Give her something that will make her respect your decision without feeling bad. For example, you can tell her that you have to attend to something urgent and then text her bye.

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