How to hug a girl from behind

A hug is healthy and more than just a simple act of kindness, it’s a story. No one just goes hugging strangers; it takes a bit of knowing each other. When we hug each other, we tell each other that we mean something to each other. When you hug your partner, you show them that you love and care for them. Hugging releases a lot of hormones that make us feel better and happy.

A hug from behind shows that you are protective and offers the girl a sense of security. You show a girl that you are happy and comfortable around her. Furthermore, you show her your love and affection. But, for a girl to feel this way, you need to do it right.

You can go on hugging any girl from behind. How close are you to her? It’s important to understand your relationship with her to avoid any misunderstandings and even being sued for harassment. If you don’t know her, then avoid it and wait until you two are closer.

Find the right moment

To hug a girl from behind, you need to come from behind. Don’t be creepy as instead of making her feel good, you might end up making them feel scared. First, you need to find her in a position with her back facing towards you for this to work.

Ever come home after a long day and spotted your girlfriend in the kitchen or the home office trying to figure out her tasks? This is an example of such a perfect moment to give her a hug from behind. Silently walk up to her. If you aren’t dating and are in a public space, first you have to make sure that she is ok with it and doesn’t mind it.

Don’t startle her

Remember, when walking up to her, you want to make her feel special and not prank her. She might have already seen you or anticipated your coming home and even already said hi. It’s ok for her to acknowledge your presence but not to read your moves or intentions. Don’t make loud noises and it may end up running the mood. Remember girls love surprises and are very good at reading a guy’s moves. So, by walking up to her from behind and hugging her, you will not only make her feel good but also surprise her.

Wrap your arms her

Make contact with her and slowly wrap your arms around her waist from the back and either fold your hands over each other or either hold her hips. Once in this position, hold her close to you. If you are a tall guy, you can wrap an arm around her waist and then place the other on the shoulder making sure your forearm is resting on her upper chest.

If have just started dating or are close friends, then you can wrap your arms around to touch her shoulder. Don’t stop there, make the extra effort of letting her know that you missed her and care about her. Bury your face in her neck and even kiss her on the neck or cheek. Say something cute to her. Once you let go of the hug, she will be left feeling good and thinking of you.

If you guys are not dating or are in public, don’t get hard! This might end up making her feel offended and pull away ruining the moment.

Letting go

Don’t let go off immediately and also don’t hug for too long, find a balance. Use this time to prepare for a post-hug conversation starter. As a shy guy, it can be awkward at the end of the hug since you’ve put her hopes high with a killer hug but don’t know what to say afterward. This is where your real challenge begins. Before and during the hug, think of some convection starters that you will use to pick up from where the hug ends. During the hug, stay calm and naturally transform the hug into a warm and friendly talk.

How to give a friendly hug

When giving a girl that friendly hug, be gentle and casual – avoid making the hug tight and don’t let it last for more than a few seconds. Keep talking to her during the hug and avoid moving your arms anywhere.

If you want to be romantic, then you can hug her tight and let out a loving sigh. Whisper something nice in her ear while hugging her. Don’t let it last too long if you are in the public, because you don’t want it to be embarrassing for them, remember girls are shy.

Let them know you are coming

When you approach a girl from behind, and she knows you are coming, she will expect you to stand beside her. To her surprise you will hug her from behind and which can be very romantic and reassuring. Girls love attention, they love to feel loved and being loved. Interestingly is that even if they are down they never care from which side the hug is coming from. The mere awareness that someone else shares their pain or happiness is quite comforting.


Before you hug a girl from behind, there has to exist a romantic connection between the two of you. Thus it would be wrong to hug someone else’s girlfriend or woman from behind because of the sexual connotations attached to this kind of act. A hug from behind can be scary so you have to do reassuringly, don’t let it feel like someone is grabbing them from behind to attack them. Do it slowly such that even if they get startled, you can quickly reassure them and encourage calmness.

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