How to get a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend

As a girl, you like this guy a lot, the two of you are friends but you don’t know how to ask him to be his girlfriend. You’ve given him all the hints that you want him to make a move, that he is clearly not seeing them. Asking a guy to be his girlfriend can seem like a demeaning task. As a girl, you fear being rejected or embarrassed leaving you afraid to date the man of your dreams. Today, I will show you some ways that you can use to land that guy that you have been eyeing for a while.

Be friends

Friendship is an easy way to start. You have to establish a connection and then get him to notice you. For example, you have just seen him at work or school and you don’t even know him, you can’t just walk up to him and ask. It might come off as creepy or even as a prank. Look for mutual friends and then get to hang out with him through them. This will help you get closer to him without putting him off.

Find out his interests and use them to your advantage

Every person has their hobbies and interests. It’s difficult to spend time with someone that you don’t share a common interest with. You need to find out about his interests and if they align with yours to avoid wasting time or to use it to your advantage. For example, if you are football fans, then bring up the topic when with him and display your knowledge of the game.

Guys love girls that are into sports, your knowledge of soccer can quickly get you into his good books and you will even hang out more often. You will not only get something to talk about, but you will also show him that you think alike and can be compatible. Show him that you stand out from the competition. Take an interest in his new video game.

Spend quality time with him

To get him to ask you to be his girlfriend, you need to establish a relationship with him, to begin with. Now that you are closer to him, take the opportunity to make the most out of the moment. Be friends with him and then use your body language to show him that you are interested in him.

For example, when with him, listen to his jokes and laugh, when sitting together, lean in close to him, playfully grab his arm and pull him in your direction when walking, etc. However, don’t go overboard to display too much affection as it might put him off and he will start to avoid you. These acts of body language will get him into thinking and probably enjoys your company.

Let him know that you enjoy spending time with him

You can exchange phone numbers and then after spending time together, you can let him know politely how much you enjoy his company. Let him know that you valued the moment you just shared and you can’t wait for the next one. For example, you can text him this ‘It’s always fun to be around you. You are one of the funniest people that I have ever met.’ Don’t overdo anything as it might make you sound needy and no man wants a needy girl, they cherish the chase.


When around him, don’t look intimidating or timid. Show him that you are confident and comfortable enough to communicate. Be a good listener and pay attention to the details. Show him that you have been listening and can also contribute to topics. Look him in the eye but don’t be intimidating. Smile or laugh a bit when giving him.

Compliment him

Yes, men too love being complimented because they are rarely complimented. If you spot something nice about his appearance, or that new shirt or shoes he is wearing today, compliment him on it. Probably, not one has noticed all these and you are the first one to. It shows him that you care a lot about him and that you are into him. Trust me; if he also likes you, then he will make the move. If he hasn’t noticed you all these while, then he will start paying attention. Even his friends will start edging him on.

Ask him what he thinks about the relationship

To get him to make a move, ask him what he thinks of your relationship. You can phrase the question casually and conversationally to avoid putting him on the spot. For example, you can say, ‘we have been spending a lot of time lately together, what do you think we are?’ If this sounds too direct, then you can say ‘your friends keep calling me your girlfriend, what do they mean by that?’ If he has feelings for you, then this will help him come out of his zone.

Ask him directly

Sometimes, the best way to get something done is by facing it. If you have the courage, just face him and tell him that you like him and you would like for him to be your boyfriend. The thing is, he might also be into you but is afraid of asking you for the same reasons as you. He is shy and afraid of being rejected. There is nothing to be ashamed of by shooting your shot instead and sitting there and waiting forever for him to make the move. If he says no, well, at least you tried and it has saved you the pain of having to waste your time waiting.

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