How to Get a Girl Wet Over Text

To get a girl wet over text will take a lot of masterminding, and communication. Moods also come into play, considering that girls don’t get aroused easily. In fact, most girls who lose their virginity at an early age do not enjoy it, rather they do it because of peer pressure. Remember for them to have sex they must wet, and to wet requires them to first create the desire in their mind and which will increase blood flow to the genitals.

What this means is that for you to get a girl to wet over text, you have to first conquer her mind, and which you can only do, when they are in a good mood. Yes, moods are everything for girls, once they shut down, getting through their brains is next to impossible. Worry not though because we have compiled actionable tips that you can use to get her wet over a text message.

Tell her what you want to do to her

If you are texting a girl that you are in an intimate relationship with, then you are not limited and you can fire any shot at her, without being friend-zoned. So, to make sure that your message works you can text her randomly maybe the night after you were together, and tell her something like “how I desire for my face to be between your legs right now.”

And if you have special plans for the day and want to start spicing things up early, you can text her and say “I love you, and just so you know, I’m going down on you later. “ Well, for this one she can’t help but reminisce the last time, and which will get her wet.

Use sexual insinuations

If you are in a good place with a girl and your communication via text is going great, you can introduce sexual insinuations and which of course are in anticipation of the big day. For example, you could plan to go for coffee, and instead of being direct, you could say “can we do it on Friday evening? …..and add “Coffee I mean” not sex. Unintentional sexual insinuations will always find their way to the brain and produce the feel-good hormones. The mind will then be diverted start thinking of having sex and in the process, the girl will get wet over sex.

Some girls are open to sexting

If your girl is open to sex texting you can always take her to the next level by sending nudes. Girls are usually aroused by photos of penises, men’s slim waistline, bare chests, and the eggplant emoji’s all of which makes them wet. You could also send text messages that refer to text or sex acts, for example, “What if I say, I want to have you for dinner.” Girls love to feel wanted, and by making your intentions known, it arouses them even more.

Play the issues game

If a girl accepts to play the issues game that means you can easily get through her and make her wet over text. The rule of the game is that you ask explicit questions and both of you have to answer honestly, you will each ask three questions, and the closer you are the more explicit questions you can shoot. The first two questions must not be too direct but the third one should nail it. For example, you could ask her whether she likes to be the master or the slave when having sex.

Use the dirty dreams technique

Many girls fall victim to dirty dreams, so before she gets out of bed in the morning you will send a sweet morning message. Don’t rush things, bring her around, and ask her how she slept, how she is feeling, and what her plans are for the day. Next, tell her how you miss her and that you dreamt of her, the open-ended question will demand an answer.

So since you have not been obvious from the start of the conversation about sex neither have you insinuated sex, she will want to know what you dreamt about, and gents, this is your chance. Tell her what you were doing to her in your dream, and what you would love to do to her when you meet.

Flirt and make jokes about sex and how it makes you a fee.

Sometimes being too direct just doesn’t cut it but you can always pass the message across cleverly, as you engage in the normal day-to-day text conversation with a girl. You could try telling her a story of what happened at a hotel that you slept in last night and how you currently feel. It could go something like, the couple next door was too loud having sex, which made it hard for you to sleep through the night.

And as you are getting ready to go out, the little guy has refused to calm down. Try being sarcastic about it, you can create different indirect scenarios to make her desire sex and in the process get her wet, this technique will gravitate you to her personal space.

Use descriptive language when sexting

If you have read romance novels like the ones written by Emily Bronte, you will notice that they use imagery and descriptive language to get their readers hooked and turned on. The same method works well if you want to get a girl wet over text, engage her in a fantasy story about your future life and then introduce the romance and sex scenes.


Getting a girl wet over text is easy, so the most important pointer that will enable you to achieve that goal, you must ensure that you are friends with the girl to some intimate level. Always begin the conversation with a friendly tone, as you rope the girl in before you shoot your shot. The techniques described above can work for any girl, you just have to be smart and know the time to use them, as some are best used early in the morning while others work great when used at night.

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