How to get a girl to trust you

In any human relationship, trust is important. Trust takes a lot of time to build and earn and is also easy to lose. Once lost, it’s not easy to gain it even if you get to make up. This makes matters worse when it comes to girls. Winning a girl’s trust is a gradual process and takes time. Most girls are still carrying baggage from their old relationships making it hard to trust someone new. To avoid being dealt with a new blow, she needs to safeguard herself.

If you are looking to gain a girl’s trust and win her over, you need certain qualities like honesty, confidence, and being reliable. However, you need to understand that trust is earned, so use these tips to build trust and get that girl of your dreams.

Start with friendship

The best foundation upon which a relationship can be built is friendship. With genuine friendship, you can let a girl that you like know you better. This may be a slow path but it’s solid than just jumping into dating.

Stay true to yourself

When seeking a girl’s trust, stay true to yourself and avoid being someone you are not. You want to show her that she can trust you, so why fake anything about yourself? You may end up fooling her for a while and get her to like you, but what happens when you can’t keep up with the lie any longer. It will be hard to win her trust afterward. Have confidence in who you are since it makes it easier to trust someone that looks comfortable with who they are. If you can trust yourself, why can’t she trust you?

Make your intentions clear

Making your intentions clear from the start makes it easier for a girl to trust you. She knows why you want to be with her because you want to gain something in return. If you are evasive or deceiving with your true intentions, then she will end up withholding her trust. If you are seeking a relationship with her, make it clear that you want a short-term relationship or something that will last.

Don’t meet a girl for example at a party and tell her that you want to have a long-term relationship with her when clearly you want a one-night stand. When you are clear, it helps her set boundaries saving both of you from disappointment. Be affectionate appropriately

Most girls appreciate that unsolicited hug, gentle kiss, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand they can hold on to. If can prove to her that you can provide her with the support she needs while respecting her boundaries is a big plus to gaining her trust. Show her that you are always there for her.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Never make a promise that you can’t keep. If you break a promise, reversing the effects will be almost impossible. Some guys want to make big promises just to impress a girl. The girl will take you for a liar and never be able to trust you again. So before you make that promise, think of how possible it is to deliver. If you promise her that you will pick her up at exactly 8 pm, then you better be there at that exact time. Also, if you promise her that you will take her shopping, ensure that you are well prepared financially.

Be consistent

Consistency over time will win you the trust of a girl. It shows her that you are reliable and live up to your expectations. If you keep her company every day, then be consistent. Most guys will make a girl feel special when dating and then after a while, start to neglect her. If you start by buying her gifts and surprising her, then keep it up, or better yet don’t start at all.

Be open

For you two to have a healthy relationship, you have to be open with the girl. This shows her that you are honest and free when around her. She will feel like you are here for genuine reasons and will trust you. Communicate with trust when with her. Listen to her and show that you are interested in her stories. However, don’t try faking just to make her feel pity for you.

Get ahead of the situation

If you ever find yourself in a tricky situation like running into your ex in an elevator introduce them by name and explain later that she is your ex, don’t try to hide it. Be the first one to tell her before anyone else does. Don’t make her feel like you were hiding something from her because you thought she won’t find out. This would boost her trust and confidence in you.

Introduce her to your friends and family

If you are seriously into a girl and want to make her feel secure, then introduce her to your friends and family. Nothing gives a girl an approval that you trust her than introducing her to your family and friends. She feels important and appreciated, getting to know your family will make her feel comfortable with you.

Work together

When looking to gain a girl’s trust, find out what she likes the most, what the two of you share, and do somethings together. This helps you bond since she feels special that you are taking an interest in her hobbies. Go out with her and do something fun together like hiking or skating. Do an activity that requires both your efforts to accomplish.


Getting a girl to trust you is both easy and hard, your actions play a big role, how you treat women close to you such as your mum or sister. How you talk about them, generally the comments you make will very much determine if a girl can trust you. Additionally, how you package yourself also plays a big role. Your financial status, self-drive, and how you manage yourself will speak volumes to a girl, thus they will determine whether or not they can trust you.

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