How to get a girl to send You nudes

Boys will always be boys and asking for nudes is one of the characteristics of them being boys. In modern times, nudes are a fundamental to most romantic relationships. Nudes have become part of life with people sharing them like a good morning text message. Most times when a guy asks a girl for her nudes, she sends. However, this can be challenging to ask for as you can get it wrong and turn her off.

When you get too direct asking for a nude from a girl you may end up never hearing back from her again. She will feel that you are a creep and doesn’t want to feel like a piece of meat. So, how can one ask for nudes from a girl without her feeling offended?

Don’t ask her directly

Imagine a stranger directly asking for your nudes, what will be going through your mind? In this age of social media, anyone can end up leaking your nudes online causing you an embarrassment and ruining your reputation. First, girls don’t like such questions and find it unattractive coming from a guy. If you directly ask for nudes from a girl, it will feel creepy and she will end up feeling uncomfortable. The best thing about nudes is that you are more likely to receive one without asking for it.

Don’t send dick pics

Despite most guys thinking that by sending her a dick she will send nudes in return, sending a girl dick pics is one of the biggest turn-offs. The thing is not all girls enjoy receiving dick pics from a guy, in fact very few might. If you send her dick pics, it doesn’t mean that she will send nudes back. A girl will actually find it annoying if you send a picture of your dick without asking. There actually isn’t a way to take attractive pictures of a dick, so keep it in your pants until the right time.

Compliment her

Girls love being complimented from time to time but are also insecure about their bodies. So, by complimenting her, you get her to feel confident about her body and willing to share more. For her to send you nudes, she needs to know that you find her sexy and attractive. Also, she needs to know that you find her attractive in her natural element. So, to get that girl that you have been eyeing for a while to send you her nudes, tell her that she looks hot and that after seeing her photo on Instagram, you wish you were with her. Trust me, she will feel confident about herself and send you nudes.

Build trust

Nudes are kind of intimate making it a bit hard to share with just anyone. What if they don’t mean what they say and end up sharing it with others? So, why should you be the one to receive the nudes? Can she trust you? Most people are afraid to send nudes due to the fear of being blackmailed. Build a relationship with her and get her to trust you. It takes time after which, she can trust you with such sensitive stuff. Don’t jump straight to asking for nudes. You don’t start texting a girl today and you are already asking for her nudes. If she likes you, she will allow the relationship to continue, flirt with you and then send you nudes when the time comes.

Sext with her often

Texting is a strong way to express yourself and get her into thinking how much you adore her. If the two of you are texting and all is going smoothly, then add a bit of dirty talk slowly. Monitor what happens and make your next move. If she is not comfortable with it, then stop. If she is responsive, then continue and take it to full sexting. She might get turned on along the way and send you nudes without you asking for them.

Don’t use vulgar language

There’s a thin line between talking dirty and being vulgar. For a girl to take a photo while naked and send it to you takes a lot of courage. If she sends you nudes, avoid being rude or vulgar. It makes you look disgusting and lack respect. If you sound rude, then she might be objectified and will never send you nudes.

Show her that you are attracted to her

A girl will want to see that you are interested in her before she can send you any nudes. She can’t just send her nudes to any guy. When expressing how attractive she is to you, be real as she can sense when you aren’t. Make her feel like you really desire her. Some of these girls have been heartbroken or ridiculed and end up feeling less about themselves. Make her feel loved as a girl.

Never expect nudes

Never feel entitled to her nudes, it’s up to her to either send them or not. Not all girls like taking nudes and worse, send them to guys. If she doesn’t like the idea of taking and sending nudes, don’t push her.


Finally, she sends you a nude or two. This isn’t a small feat, so show your appreciation. If you are satisfied with what you are seeing and want more, then appreciate her. This will open a stream of nudes for you in the future.


Remember that when it comes to getting nudes from a girl, they at times get bored, especially if you become too obsessed with them that the only time that you can communicate is when asking for a nude. Keep off nudes for a while or also share yours, it is not a must for you to share a picture of your dick but if you want to keep the nudes coming, you also have to give something.

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