How to get a girl to miss you

When in a relationship, we all know that the more someone misses you, the better. As a guy, it’s not easy being around a girl always and you hope that she will miss you when you are gone. Also, absence makes a relationship interesting. This gives you some sort of accomplishment feeling of being special in her life. When she misses you, she then gets to appreciate you more when around her which makes you happy.

Being away from a girl can be a difficult thing to cope with. But making her miss you don’t have to be that hard. Don’t worry, there are various ways that you can use to make a girl miss you. Just make sure to balance between playing hard to get and letting her know that you care about her.

Limit the time you spend together

If you want a girl to miss you, then you have to minimize the time you get to spend with her. Make sure to hang out with her enough, for her to see how fun and interesting you are. But, don’t do it too much that she gets used to it and starts taking you for granted. Find other things to do and keep yourself busy so that she doesn’t end up being the only thing on your calendar.

This will stop her from thinking that she is the center of attention and that she can have you as she wishes. You can limit your visits to once or twice a week. If she wants to hang out with you, she has to make plans earlier. Don’t make it look like you are at her service whenever she comes calling. When spending a day with her, show her how busy you are by taking a few hours to do something else to show her that you are in demand.

Limit your phone time

For a girl to miss you, you have to reduce the time you spend on the phone talking and chatting with her. You have to show her that you aren’t that available and that means that you also limit your social media. Let her know that you have a clear schedule that discourages you to chat with her all day. However, don’t be harsh or rude about it. If she knows that she can’t just reach you on phone anytime, she will value you and the time you get to spend together.

Give her space

When starting out, you guys might spend almost all the time together or chatting. However, as time goes by, it’s important to give her space to breathe. Avoid commenting on all her photos and posts, or reaching out every time on social media. It shows her that you are very obsessed with her more than she is with you and that she can have you anytime.

Avoid acting desperate

A big turn-off for a girl is a guy that is needy and always acting desperate. Don’t always pick her phone calls on the first ring, or answering her texts promptly. Wait for a few seconds or minutes, or call her back instead. This shows her that you aren’t needy and are full of respect.

Let her know that you are busy but looking forward to seeing her soon. Don’t keep on showing up at her place every day, be scarce. Make her miss and need you as you do. Don’t always be the first one to text or call her and wishing her a good morning or night. Soon enough, she will be missing you like never before.

Make time for friends

No girl will ever be able to replace your friends which makes them important. Chances are that you can easily break up with a girl but not burn bridges with your friends. Never stop hanging out with your friends as you used to do just to give a girl all the attention. She will see you are an interesting person if you have friendships that you care about and will respect them.

You can cut down on the time you spend with them to avoid her thinking that she has you wrapped around her little finger. But if she feels like you are just seated waiting for her texts or calls, then she won’t miss you as much.

Give her something to remind her of you

Giving your girl something that reminds her of you can make her miss you every time she sees it. It can be a necklace that you gifted her on her birthday or a book that she really likes. On one of your dates, get her a memento and ensure to make the day memorable.

Be mysterious

When you want a girl to miss you, you have to keep her guessing. Avoid being too predictable. Don’t let her read your mind and keep her guessing what your plans are. You don’t have to tell her everything that you are doing. If you are off to watch a basketball game, you don’t have to always tell her. Even though she has to know that you are interested, you don’t need to show her that your life revolves around her. Save some stories for later leaving her hooked and looking forward to your next encounter.

Stay consistent

Despite trying to miss you, don’t end up ignoring her. She might end up thinking that you are unreliable and never there for her if you make yourself too unreliable. Stay consistent with what you do for her to make her feel special. If you buy her gifts, then keep it ongoing, if you take her on dates, then try not to miss any.

Surprise her

By surprising her, you make yourself unpredictable and keep her guessing when you will surprise her next and how. Send her flowers and buy her some little gifts from time to time. You don’t have to splash money since girls appreciate the small things in life. She will always look forward to seeing you or what you are going to get her. Also, make these surprises unique.

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