How to Get a Girl to Make Out With You

The shortest way that I have seen guys get girls to make out with them is when they are drunk. Parties, concerts, the truth and dare games are avenues that people can explore if they want to make out with a girl that they have been fancying for a long time. However, if you want to explore something more intimate then the process of getting a girl to make out with you is long and will require patience.

To get that spark that will bring you and the girl close to the point of making out, you will have to invest emotionally and physically in the relationship.

Build chemistry

Once you start giving a girl a lot of attention she will develop interest, the constant calls, and messaging will make it easier for you to penetrate her heart. She will gradually grow fond of you and will now be checking up on you, worrying and being concerned about your well-being. From this point on, a girl will start to watch you closely to determine the kind of person that you are because you have piqued her interest.

And this is where you have to put in more effort because if you do anything that will piss them off, then you are back to square one with little hopes of progressing. Mingle with other people, talk, laugh, play sports, snob her a little, and make her long to talk or see you. By this time she knows she likes you but then if you move too fast she might pull back and run away thinking you want to take advantage of her.

Take her out

As we said earlier, don’t do anything fancy, go for movie dates, watch basketball games, help her out with her studies. Discuss projects and find things that you love in common and do them, invite friends and go out and have fun but always keep her within your line of sight. Care and concern about her whereabouts will make her trust you, and once she is comfortable with you making out with you will not be difficult for her.

Hold your horses though, don’t rush with the kiss, take her home after the eventful day, and let her get punished by the sweet memories the whole night.

Spend quiet time together

Spending time with a boy or a girl builds chemistry over time, and makes her feel comfortable around you. As you spend time together don’t be shy about the different subjects instead, talk about anything and everything. To make her open up share some of your stories, let her share hers, be sure to listen, and get everything right because women love a listening ear. She might pour her heart out and will expect you to hang on to every detail.

The best conversations involve asking questions, and which goes to show that you are genuinely interested in what is happening in her life. Give opinions, for this, you might want to stay general as you are still trying to win her over. Don’t pick sides on her issues, but always give objective opinions because whatever you say might come back to haunt you in the future. Remember girls hang on to every word that you say, they don’t forget easily and that is why you have to be careful.

Do with her what she loves doing

Find out her likes and dislikes, be more than just a friend, help her overcome her fears, and go with her to her favorite restaurant. Make her feel important by asking her opinion on some of your important matters, take her with you to some of the places that you visit and above all spend a lot of alone time together but don’t touch her just yet.

Now, when you take her home tonight you can lean out for a hug, and maybe a small peck on the head. The next day is when you start actualizing your plans. As you meet and go about your daily duties or go for a coffee date, spice things up like holding her hand, ensuring that her body and yours touch.

Don’t kiss her in public

As the day progresses, watch her reaction to your cues, if they are positive then you just have to find the right moment and spot to initiate a deep kiss. Remember that the girl already likes you and everything that comes with you, so anytime that you get an alone moment ensure that you stand close to her and get the hormones on a rampage.

And when the time is right, move in for the kiss, how much she is into you will determine how long you will make out. If you followed the above steps then you might have to find a room, but if you skipped some, she will still have doubts in her mind, and will need some more time to understand your intentions.

Be gentle

Now that the girl is into you, don’t be overexcited and move fast on her, instead initiate the long make-out kisses gently. First face your body towards her, make eye contact and talk in a relaxed voice. Relax your body, and try to make contact by touching her face, push her hair back, move closer and touch her chin.

If you are in a room, you can move her closer to your body, tell her something that will make her giggle or feel special and then kiss her gently. At this point, she will be at your mercy and you can make out for as long as you want. If you are in a room and there is music, don’t rush it instead, dance gently to the music and don’t lose eye contact so when she is completely sold you can kiss and make out.


As plans to make out with your favorite girl begin to take off, ensure that you maintain hygiene, girls don’t like the smell of dump socks in leather shoes. Grooming is of utmost importance if you are to make any progress. Choose your words carefully and don’t disrespect or make her green with envy. The first kiss is not the make-out kiss, let it come naturally, if you come out too strongly she will run and avoid you.

Relationships are complex according to James M. Reid, but there is always a way to make things work. The only problem is that people don’t want to make sacrifices for the greater good. Getting into a romantic relationship is one thing but to sustain the relationship is difficult and draining. For couples that are determined to make things work, James insists on them working on their relationship right from the very beginning. His mission is to build relationships from infancy and not when things start going south. James offers advice to teens. He advises them on how to treat a girl or a boy and even how to approach either gender for a blissful relationship going forward.