How to get a girl to like you on Snapchat

Social media has changed a lot. It has helped us connect more and easily as humans from all parts of the world. Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms, especially among teens. What makes the platform unique is the user’s ability to customize their video or pictures to their liking. So, it’s no surprise that you will find hot girls on the platform. How do you then get a girl that you love to like you on Snapchat?

Getting a girl that you have a physical interaction with to like you is easier than getting a girl to like you on social media. It can be nerve-wracking sending a girl a snap. If you are in such a position then, don’t worry, because we are going to give you the best tips and tricks in the book.

Make a connection

If you already know the girl, it makes things easier. The first step is to make a connection with her by adding her on your Snapchat. Open Snapchat and add her with her username, special Snapchat code, or phone number. If you don’t have any of these, then you can use a mutual friend’s list. Don’t make the mistake of following her on other social media platforms on the same day. This might come out as too strong and put her off.

Once you’ve added her, a few days later, send her some casual snaps. Do not snap her right away, it will make you look desperate. Snap her occasionally with things that you think she might be interested in. For example, you can snap your dog eating snow or pulling a stunt. With such regular snaps, she will then be expecting to hear from you. The above stunts will enable the relationship to naturally develop and with more snaps in the future.

Increase the frequency

If she responds positively to your casual snaps, you will get to know her better as time goes. You guys will even frequently start to exchange snaps. If you notice that she keeps responding, it’s highly likely that she wants the conversion to move on. Despite this, you should be careful not to send too many snaps too soon as it could turn her off.

Using your snaps, paint a picture of what you do, what you value the most. Keep developing the conversation as if you were chatting in person. Don’t use obvious phrases like ‘what’s going on’ or ‘What are you doing’. These will most likely not catch her attention and may go unread. Also, silly comments might make her start ignoring your snaps. Use a friendly and interesting tone when snapping her.

While doing all these, don’t forget her. At the beginning of snapping, only comment once in a while. When you keep snapping more, you can then increase your comments on her Snapchats. You don’t always have to be funny, let it come naturally.

Otherwise, just post a natural comment. Using comments, you can ask her some casual questions. For example, if she snaps an event, you can general questions about it and make a silly comment like you would like to accompany her next time she goes out.

The above can then lead you to talk about music or sports. Make sure to pay attention to her responses and reaction. This has the hints to enable you to know if you should take things further or stop.

Take the conversation further

Now that you have her attention, you can start bonding over common things that you both enjoy. Using her hobbies and places she likes visiting, take the conversation a level up. You could talk to her about music, art, sports, school, TV, etc. Tell her stories with your snaps to engage her in your messages.

For example, you could snap your empty workstation and add a text to capture her interest. Tell her a story by showing how things change throughout your day. For example, take snaps early in the morning when reporting to work, at lunch break, and then in the evening when leaving work.

Whenever your favorite song comes on, send her a snap. This helps create a connection. When your favorite song comes on her radio or whenever she hears it, she will send you a snap. You can also send her snaps of cute animals, familiar locations, and shared interests like cars, food, etc. Despite all these, if your snap goes unseen, don’t take it personally, this is because generally, snaps are taken less seriously than phone calls or text messages.

Use features

There are various filters that you can use to modify your snaps on Snapchat. For comic and artistic effects, filter your snaps. Snapchat regularly releases new filters that you can use to spice up things. Keep experimenting with them until you find your favorites. When you keep snapping daily, you then get to build a streak that you can use to your advantage. You can also add links to your snaps and get her even more engaged.

The other features that you can use are the voice filters. Try surprising her with a silly voice to show the fun side of you. However, don’t overstep, respect her boundaries. Don’t send her inappropriate messages as your account can get suspended.

By now she should be into you already and willing to meet. Nothing beats the feeling of a physical meet-up. Set-up a date and get to know her better.


When compared to Instagram and Facebook, getting a girl to like you on Snapchat can be tough, but with the right tactics over time she will start liking. At first, they might find it awkward and wonder why you are invading their space, but with persistence, she will come around and will even start looking for you. Make it routine to know what she is up to, and if you are going to get a photo for the day. When she comes around ask for a video call, and use the effects to make the moment fun. Move swiftly and you will get her to like you.

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