How to get a girl to hang out with you

Hanging out with someone you like helps you relax when around them. It’s a step towards getting into a relationship. You like a girl and want to ask her to hang out with you but you don’t know how to start or what to say. The thought of asking a girl to hang out with you can make you nervous. This happens most of the time especially if you think the two of you can have a relationship. It’s even worse if you don’t know her. So, to achieve any goals that you have set for the future that revolves around her, you have to overcome your nervousness and get her to hang out with you.

Greet her when you see her

When you run into her in public, just say hi. You don’t have to hold a conversation, a simple hi or hello will do. Make sure that you make eye contact and greet her when you run into her or are in the same room. This way, she will recognize that you notice her.


To avoid the girl turning you down when you ask, keep communicating. When together, talk to her, and when apart, text her. This will help the both of you relax hence creating a relationship. With a relationship, it’s then easier to ask her to hang out with you. Since you are already in communication, just go straight to the point and ask her.

Ask her when in a positive mood

Women in general listen to their emotions. Girls can sometimes be moody and there’s nothing as bad as asking her to hang out with you when she is in a bad mood. Talk to her and then ask her to hang out with you when you notice she is in high spirits. For example, when you have just finished telling a funny story to her and she is done laughing, you can ask her.

Invite her to join you

If you have any activities planned, invite her to join by being natural and subtle. For example, if you are going for lunch in a restaurant, tell her ‘hey, some of us are going to try the new restaurant in town. If you want you can come along.’ If she comes or not, enjoy yourself.

Hangout in groups

An easy way that you can use to hang out with a girl is by introducing her to your friends. Make chit-chats ask her about her interests to determine if she has anything in common with you and your friends. If yes, then you can tag her along on your next group outing.

Be enthusiastic when making plans

People want to hang out and around people that are fun and interactive. She won’t want to hang out with you if you tell her the plan but in a low spirit. You need to sound cheerful and enthusiastic about your plans so she can feel that it’s worth coming. Use your body language to elaborate it. When asking the girl to hang out with you, wear a smile on your face and say it with confidence. Keep the conversation light while talking about positive things.

Find a common activity

A girl that wants to hang out with you will also want to know what the plan is. When planning with a girl that you wish to hang out with, plan something that interests you both. That way, she is more likely to hang out with you. You can ask her about her interests or find out what she likes. Be keen and observe her while making small talk, that way, you can tell the things she enjoys doing. For example, if you are a soccer fan, you can start with ‘soccer is a great sport, do you watch it?’ Based on her feedback, you can tell what she likes and to what extent.

Give her options

When asking a girl to hang out, she may be busy and not free to hang out with you anytime. To avoid losing her, simplify the process. Give her choices of activities and time and let her choose what works best for her. You guys can even work out something outside the options presented. You can present her with various activities that you think sound cool and let her decide. For example, you can tell her about a specific move in the cinemas screening on a certain date and another one being screened on a different date. This way, she won’t keep turning you down since one could work out for her.

Find an open-ended invitation

Since an open-ended invitation doesn’t tie you down to a specific activity or timeframe, it offers a great way to gauge a girl’s chances of accepting a more specific invitation. When in doubt, invite your friends too. This will make you guys feel comfortable and relaxed.

Choose a convenient and open place

The venue of the hang out not only matters a lot, but it also says a lot. To avoid any awkwardness like that one that comes with watching a movie at your place, choose a public place that is open and convenient for both of you. This shows that you respect her making her feel comfortable and relaxed to come. If you are unsure of the venue, you can ask her where she hangs out and set it up there.

Don’t be too overbearing, or too common when asking her to hang out. Find out what she loves doing and where, better yet ask her to suggest places that you both can hang out. Girls love going to the mall to shop, if your pocket is loaded you can take her there and expect to spend a few bucks. Do a lot of fun stuff but also give her time, don’t be breathing down her neck every single weekend.


Getting a girl to hang out with you is not difficult especially if they like you. Don’t be so obvious, if she is used to you calling her to hang out, disappear for a weekend or two, then come back and ask her where your guys left. She is going to like it and will take you to some of the places that are special to her, the idea here is to spark some fun in your hang out routines and get her to actively participate in them.

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