How to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend

Sometimes, you ran into a hot guy and want to date him but you are not sure if he’s single or not. It’s not always good to assume that just because he is showing interest in you he is single. Also, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking him about his relationship status.

Sometimes guys can also send mixed signals of whether they like you or not. It’s equally important to find out if the guy you have been casually dating has a girlfriend to avoid any dramas and heartbreaks.

Most of the time, there is only one way to find out, ask him. Subtly approach the subject using small talks and looking for hints without making it look like you are very eager to have him as your boyfriend. I will show you some tips you can use to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend.

Ask him questions

Despite this being the best way to find out if indeed he is single or has a girlfriend, you have to approach this matter without sounding invasive or too pushy to get the information out of him. For sure, you don’t want to create a first negative impression and lose him altogether. You can politely ask him if he has a girlfriend by posing the following questions in a personalized manner and depending on the mood and how well you two know each other.

What are your thoughts on relationships? – Here, he will most likely speak out of experience subconsciously and even go further to give explanations using real-life experiences. In there, you will pick up some cues. He might even tell you how he dated his ex for a certain number of years and then they broke up giving you the period. He then ends up finishing by saying he doesn’t want to date anytime soon or is looking for a date.

What do you do during your free time? Or how do you spend your weekends? – It’s a very casual question that can be posed to anyone. He may end up mentioning his girlfriend in there without being pushed to since she is close to him. However, pay attention to his answers, and then depending on the activity, you can then ask a follow-up question like, ‘and who do you spend this time with?’

Alternatively, you can go straight to the point and ask them a broad question like ‘are you currently involved with anyone?’ This will give you an answer if he has a partner that they make love with or he has a girlfriend. But you can ask this depending on how comfortable he is around you and the mood.

How about via text?

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of always meeting the guy in person leaving you with the option of texting. For example, when the two of you are texting regarding any topic, you can say ‘You are super annoying, I think your girlfriend founds you super annoying too.’ insert some words randomly in there to make it look like a normal conversation and that you are not being too inquisitive. Also, if you want to go straight at it, you can just ask him ‘the longest time he has ever been in a relationship?’ If he is currently in a relationship and for how long, he will tell you. If it isn’t the longest, he will tell you the longest and then follow with a ‘my current girlfriend and I have been together for x… months or years.’

Use humor

You guys can start a conversation about anything related to relationships and then in the process, you sneak him in there. You have to do it naturally without him even noticing that you asked him about his girlfriend. For example, you guys can get to talking about an epic movie or the latest TV Show that you both have an interest in. It may be a comedy or you find a humorous way to sneak him in. You can then end up drawing an example from the film on him. For example, you can say to him, ‘… maybe you have once pulled such a prank on your girlfriend too!’ This trick will get him to open up a little about his girlfriend without figuring out that you intend to find out if he has one or not.

Pose the question straight

If from the conversations you are unable to pick any cues or he isn’t dropping any, then go ahead and directly ask him. Find the right time to ask him first. If you are in the company of many people, be patient and wait when it’s just the two of you. You don’t want to make him uncomfortable in front of people. Ask him in person and not via text.

This will give you a chance to read his body language and reaction while answering the question. Get him in a good mood and use a casual tone, don’t beat around the bush as it may sound too awkward. He shouldn’t feel pressured to answer. If he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he may notice the crush you have on him and will tell you.

Pay attention to his reaction and how he answers. If he fails to give you a clear yes or no, then chances are that he is in a complicated situation and maybe trying to hide the relationship because you caught him off guard with the question.


Asking a guy if he has a girlfriend is the most difficult thing that ladies have to do, but the best way to go about it is by using insinuations or subtly finding out what he does on the weekends. A guy who does not give a clear answer might be in a relationship and maybe he is not happy, so he knows if he tells you that he is in one, you will take off. And maybe he is planning to quit that relationship and zone on you. However, if you don’t get a clear answer you must move, dealing with a conflicted person will drain you.

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