Getting a Girl to Hang Out With You

Girls love a confident guy, they love guys who have all their ducks in a row in terms of career, body goals, and finances, one who makes independent decisions and is not afraid for running solo. If you have all the above qualities or some of them that stand out then girls will strive to get your attention, thus asking them to hang out with you wouldn’t be a problem.

However, this does not apply to all girls, as a good number of them are so focused on their goals they rarely have time to check out a guy. In which case, you will have to make yourself visible, to get her attention. So how can you get that cute girl to hang out with you? Below are some actionable tips.

Study her schedule– girls will rarely give up their work time or school time to go hang out with a boy. So to avoid frustrations, better you observe her schedule and ask her out when you know she is free. Evenings are the best times that many people love to unwind after a long stressful day, you could take advantage of this opportunity and ask her to hang out with you for a couple of hours before she goes home.

Observe her moods– if you are intentional about a particular girl then you are going to have to put in more effort. Girls tend to have all types of problems some that are hormonal as they approach their periods. Some might be having a bad day at work and others might be stressed because of problems at home, you never know. But you can always tell when a girl is in her best moods, from the way she talks and interacts with other people.

If you see her giggling a lot, or she is overly conversational with her friends, find a way to get yourself in her space, and don’t ask her out immediately. Start from far and be sure to find a positive topic then take your swipe, you can be sure she will take the bait given the vibrant moods.

Don’t think so much about it – why do men always practice how to talk to a girl in the mirror. Asking a girl to hang out with you is not easy, but going in with a script is far much worse because you will sound robotic or pre-programmed. So, instead of bursting your brain cells about the proper way to ask a girl out, how about you first get into her circle, befriend her friends, hang out with her friends and her, and with time you will understand her better to know when to ask her out.

Be clear on the intentions of your date– the world is a funny place, and people especially ladies are very cautious about who they go out with and where. A girl will be willing to hang out with you if they understand your intentions, so when you shoot your shot, state your intention whether you want to hang out at the movies, have coffee, lunch, or go go-karting. Most importantly choose something interesting that you suspect they have never tried or done to boost your chances of getting her to hang out with you.

Don’t ask a girl to hang out with you after an argument- anytime there is negative energy between you and a girl or your girl, it’s best that you take time to cool off and then talk when your minds are sober. If you want to hang out with her and square out your issues, give her enough time to heal, and when she comes around, ask her to hang out with you politely.

Usually, men are never patient, they don’t like postponing issues, and if distraught they will push one to the edge by forcing conversation or asking a girl to go over to their houses. If you come out as pushy to your girl or a girl, they will never hang out with you, because they are scared of your agitation.

Create interest – it is highly unlikely for a girl that doesn’t know you to accept to hang out with you. So, to capture her attention, anytime you meet with her, say hi; girls thrive on compliments, use this opportunity and compliment her dress, or hair and best of all wish her a lovely day. All the above compliments will make her know you care, so anytime you meet she will be open for conversation and gradually you can get her to hang out with you.

Invite her to your group of friends- girls are always curious about other people but won’t hesitate to make friends. Invite her to your group and do something fun, don’t let it seem like a date, as it might steal the fun. You could do a cookout, go camping, go to concerts or do the movies, this way it becomes much more comfortable for her to hang out with you.

Use reverse psychology –There is something about girls, they always tend to like guys that seem to have interests in other girls. For example, if they constantly see you treating and caring so much about your sister, they would love the same treatment and wouldn’t hesitate when you ask them out. For this to work you have to be intentional, anytime that you are with your lady friend or sister, you could try and say hi to the girl that you want to hang out with and see the response, if they respond then you don’t have much work to do.


Some girls are difficult to even talk to, they don’t have a circle, they are not conversational, and like to keep to themselves. Getting through such girls will require skills time and effort. In such a case you might have to zero in on her family members, get to know her brother or cousin, and then slowly gain entry into her personal space. In other instances, you have to make her jealous so that you get to hang out with her easily, for this option reverse psychology will quicken the process.

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