How To Sit On a Guys Face

Facesitting is a form of sexual activity that involves one person sitting on the face of another in order to provide stimulation and pleasure. It can be used to enhance the pleasure of both partners, or as a form of dominance and submission. Benefits include increased arousal levels, building trust between partners, and intense sensations. Before engaging in any type of sexual activity, it’s important for both partners to feel comfortable and safe with one another. Tips for maximum enjoyment during a facesitting session include experimenting with different positions, using props such as vibrators or dildos, talking dirty, and focusing on breathing deeply. Common mistakes to avoid include not communicating beforehand about boundaries/limits, applying too much pressure, not using lubrication if necessary, and not experimenting with different positions.

Car Sex The Best 6 Positions

This article provides 6 different positions for car sex, along with tips on how to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Positions discussed include the driver’s seat, passenger seat, backseat, trunk, hood of the car and underneath the car. Safety precautions such as making sure there are no sharp objects underneath before getting started and covering hot spots are also discussed. With these tips in mind, couples can enjoy an exciting and thrilling car sex experience.

How to Make a Girl Orgasm

This article provides men with the knowledge and techniques they need to make a woman orgasm. It covers topics such as what an orgasm is, how to prepare for making her orgasm, the basics of stimulating her for an orgasm, tips and techniques to make her orgasm easier, common mistakes men make when trying to make a woman orgasm, different types of female orgasms and how to achieve them. With this information, men can learn how to give their partner the pleasure she desires and reach mutual satisfaction.

How to Lick and Eat Pussy

Licking and eating pussy is an intimate activity that can be pleasurable for both partners, as it can help them reach orgasm more quickly and provide intense pleasure. Preparation before engaging in oral sex is important, both mentally and physically. There are several techniques to try when licking or eating pussy such as using your tongue in a circular motion against the clitoris or using your hands to stimulate other areas. Tips to enhance the experience include taking time to explore each other’s bodies first, making sure both partners feel comfortable throughout, experimenting with different techniques/positions/toys etc., and making sure both partners are enjoying themselves equally. Communication is key throughout!