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Adviser, Consultant, Relationship Coach

The word “Human Relationships” is a diverse subject with many aspects that can be explored individually. We therefore, have interpersonal relationships that encompass friendship, family, kinship, marriage, work, and neighborhood among others. Relationships are anchored on mutual agreement, law, and at times custom, the above is one reason why they are so complex.

And the reason why relationships between humans are difficult is because we are different, some people are organized, others are perfectionists, some are Manipulative, and undisciplined, while others are compassionate. Thus learning the character of a person is difficult but we can always learn how to sacrifice for the greater good.

Hello there, my name is James M. Reid, I am a relationship coach, consultant, and adviser. I teach couples important skills of relating, mostly in romantic relationships and marriages. I also teach individuals how to develop conflict resolution skills and even provide them with tools to help deepen pleasure and intimacy.

Apart from the tough economy, many people are struggling with relationships, looking at statistics, we are informed that about 50% of all marriages in the United States will probably end up in divorce or separation. And according to reliable statistics is that up to 41% of all first marriages usually end in divorce, our mission, therefore, is to try and reduce these numbers or better yet prevent them from rising.

At Get a “Girlfriend Now,” we provide you with tips and tricks of how to win a girl’s heart, how to text her, and how to get your ex back. We help you make the first move and guide you through the process of making a girl your girlfriend, we also offer tips on how to make up in case of conflict and provide you with actionable steps that you can take to win your girl back.

When it comes to pursuing a girl or a boy, there is a lot of emotional trauma involved, with some people finding it hard to deal with rejection, while others live with the scar for the rest of their lives, not able to move on. So, as you venture into the dating world and are unsure of what to do, or say, you can always flip the pages at “Get a Girlfriend Now,” for tips that produce results.

We do not shy away from sensitive topics, so if you are thinking of approaching a girl for intimacy, or want to have a steamy conversation via text in the dead of the night, we have got you covered.

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